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Make a good first impression with your customers by greeting them with a clean parking area and the proper signage. After all, your parking lot is the first thing your customers or potential tenants see when they approach your property. If your parking lot is damaged, with barely visible striping, just imagine what potential clients and customers think the inside of your company must be like. If, for example your mall parking lot is in disrepair, with striping that is difficult to see, you could actually be losing customers who’ll have a bad first impression and take their business elsewhere.

However, there is one rather easy way to improve the condition of your property. Even if you can’t afford entirely new pavement, chances are you can afford to have your existing parking lot repaired and have a new coat of striping added. You’ll be amazed at the difference and so will your potential clients, tenants or customers!

Diamond Paving and Striping will always layout your parking area to ensure effective traffic flow, safety and compliance with A.D.A regulations 



Scarifying uses a rotating wheel of cutters that can be made of Steel, Carbide, or other various metals. Rather than rotating horizontally like a disc grinder, a scarifier drum rotates on a vertical axis with many small cutters attached to it, thus prolonging the life of the cutters and allowing for the reuse of the drum. Scarifying leaves a textured finish, this could be compared to the finish that a leaf rake would make in sand. This can be considered a less than perfect finish and is not recommended for areas that need to be very aesthetically pleasing. Scarifying is commonly used on roadways to remove lines.

Shot Blasting

The process for Shot Blasting is a very clean method. Steel shot is propelled by a rotating drum or wheel through a manganese steel housing, which cleans the surface much like other blasting methods. Shot Blasting is commonly used when no contamination can be present as the media is little steel BB’s that are very clean. Shot Blasting can create a very rough surface that will last for a very long time. Diamond Paving and Striping can perform this process because with our professionalism , Shot Blasting can be a very good way to remove markings. 

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